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FAX: 512-447-4601
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We are temporarily having an issue with one of our phone lines. Please call 512-447-5582, 512-447-6880, or 512-447-6749 to reach us. Thank you for your patience; we are working to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

Our Policies

  • We require a signed invoice to perform any requested service.
  • We will install customer supplied parts, but will not warranty them or the labor to install them.
  • We have a 1/2 hour minimum service charge.
  • We can NOT provide an accurate phone quote for a repair or part replacement. We can only provide a rough estimate after you provide us with the necessary information to properly research and compile the estimate. This means in EVERY case we have to build a customer profile with the year, make, model and engine size at a MINIMUM to provide a thorough estimate as possible. This also allows us to keep that information on file for 30 days in case you decide to have the work performed at a later date. We DON’T GUESS. We would rather see the vehicle to make a proper determination to not only protect us, but to protect you, your car and your wallet. Guessing only causes problems, frustration and costly mistakes.
  • When the repair costs exceed the perceived vehicle value, a Service Advisor will notify you of the concern. If the repairs are still requested, a deposit of 1/2 the estimated cost to repair the vehicle will be required before proceeding.
  • Vehicle storage fees apply at $15.00 per day after 3 days from notification of completion of the authorized repairs or services rendered.
  • Vehicles that are left with us and no contact can be established with the responsible party after 7 business days, the vehicle will be considered abandoned. The vehicle will then be processed with the Austin Police Department.
  • Engine repairs, such as engine overhauls and cylinder head gasket replacements, will require 1/2 down of the estimated cost to proceed.
  • Special Ordered parts cannot be returned.
  • There is a 10% restocking fee on parts purchased over-the-counter.
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