Broken Bolt Disclaimer and Authorization Form

  • Disclosure/Liability Issue

    Please be advised that broken bolts occur occasionally when performing mechanical repairs. The event occurs due to the bolt or stud threads seizing in the bolt hole due to corrosion, NOT negligence. Most fasteners live in a hostile environment on an automobile. In some cases over the course of time and exposure to heat and corrosive elements, the fastener and metal from the housing it resides in bond together. This occurrence is undetectable from the outside. The fastener usually appears normal. However, if the fastener has been exposed to corrosive elements and has bonded with the metal threads it resides in, the bolt or fastener can break when the technician attempts to remove it. In the event that this issue occurs, additional labor and specialized tooling is required to make the necessary repairs. Every effort is made to minimize the possibility of this occurring. Appropriate charges will apply to perform the necessary corrections. The customer needs to understand that only an initial estimate is given. Be advised that the final labor requirement can increase. If additional time is required, customer is consulted and approval required to complete the process.

    Repair Procedure in the Event of Breakage:

    The process consists of accessing and removing the remaining bolt stud from the thread cavity. This is accomplished with multiple methods that is time consuming. After the extraction is made, the threads are repaired (re-tapped) or in some cases new threads are installed.
  • Bolt Extraction Costs:

    $65.00 per occurrence. Charges include drill and tapping threads. Add an additional $25.00 for each heli-coil used (thread insert replacement).

    Authorization & Liability Release

    I hereby authorize B&B Muffler and Automotive Service Center to proceed with removing the broken bolt(s) or stud(s). I understand that the possibility exists that damage may occur and I am releasing B&B Muffler and Automotive Service Center and any of its employees of all liability and damages that may be associated with this procedure. I accept full financial responsibility for the necessary and proper repair on my vehicle. I furthermore understand B&B Muffler and Automotive Service Center will make every effort to minimize any risks and costs in performing this task. I am the person, or agent acting on behalf of the person, who is obligated to pay for the repair of the motor vehicle mentioned and hereby grant approval to proceed.
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