Spark Plug Thread Damage Disclaimer-Waiver

  • Disclosure / Liability Issue:

    Spark plug separates from the cylinder head causing thread damage and in some cases damage to the attached ignition coil (coil damage applies to coil-on-plug design only).

    Some vehicles engines have been known to forcibly eject the ignition coil and spark plug from the engine cylinder head during normal operation. This issue can appear at random and has been, in most cases, isolated to an insufficient spark plug thread design. Some cylinder head applications have only three threads machined into the factory cylinder head while the spark plug itself have numerous threads. This condition has been known to occur and is not covered under a factory warranty to date.

    In the event the ejection condition occurs we have been successful in installing an aftermarket plug thread insert into the engine cylinder head with the engine still installed into the vehicle. Depending upon cylinder location the procedure involves installation of a heli-coil device. In the event that this issue occurs additional labor and specialized tooling is required to make the necessary repairs. Every effort is made to minimize the possibility of this occurring. Appropriate charges will apply to perform the necessary corrections. In extreme cases cylinder head removal may be required. Be advised that once this process starts there is no way to return the vehicle to the condition it was in when before this repair procedure was performed.

  • Vehicle To Be Serviced

  • Liability Release I hereby authorize B&B Muffler and Automotive Service Center to proceed with performing the necessary repairs to correct the spark plug thread damage to me cylinder heads. I understand that the possibility exists that the initial repair attempt may not be successful and further associated costs may be required to complete the task such as removing the cylinder heads or engine from the vehicle. I am releasing B&B Muffler and Automotive Service Center and any of its employees of all liability and damages that may be associated with this procedure. I accept full financial responsibility for the necessary and proper repair on my vehicle. I furthermore understand B&B Muffler and Automotive Service Center will make every effort to minimize any risks and costs in performing this task. I am the person, or agent acting on behalf of the person, who is obligated to pay for the repair of the motor vehicle mentioned and hereby grant approval to proceed.
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