Vehicle Unlock Request & Liability Release

  • Disclosure / Liability Issue

    Due to unfortunate circumstances, a customer has requested that the vehicle specified below be unlocked. Please be informed of the following:
    1. Every effort is made to perform the task without causing any physical damage to the vehicle;
    2. The possibility exists that damage may occur in the unlocking process;
    3. There is no guarantee expressed or implied that unlocking the vehicle will be successful;
    4. Proper identification will be required prior to attempting to open the vehicle;
    5. Vehicle registration or insurance must match the person requesting the vehicle opened; and,
    6. The authorities will be called if proof of vehicle ownership can not be made after unlocking the vehicle. This is necessary to protect all involved.
  • Vehicle to Be Serviced

  • Authorization

  • I hereby authorize B&B Muffler and Automotive Service Center to proceed with unlocking my vehicle. I understand that the possibility exists that damage may occur and I am releasing B&B Muffler and Automotive Service Center and any of its employees of all liability and damages that may be associated with this procedure. I accept full financial and legal responsibility concerning the vehicle specified. I furthermore understand B&B Muffler and Automotive Service Center will make every effort to minimize any risks and costs in performing this task.

    By signing this I am acknowledging that I have read the information provided, understand what has been disclosed and hereby grant approval to proceed.
  • Use your mouse, or your finger or stylus on a touch screen, to sign in the area below to agree to this authorization.
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