Monthly Specials

Headlight Refinishing

  • Headlight Lens Restoration Service $79.95
  • Refinish Material Kit $33.95

Headlight Refinishing Procedure Demo Video:

Before and After Shots:

Before Headlight Refinish
Before Refinish Close-Up
Close-up After Refinish
Before and After Comparison

Vehicle Odor Elimination-Reduction Service

Cost for the service:  $64.95

Our commercial grade ozone generator tool

Our commercial grade ozone generator tool

Objective:  Eliminate vehicle interior odors rather than just mask them.

Description:  Our commercial grade ozone generator is placed into your vehicle for a specified duration. The ozone generator tool is as it implies. It creates ozone (O3), which is nothing more than three oxygen molecules linked together, but when exposed to odor compounds it becomes an effective tool in odor elimination. Ozone is a natural cleaning agent that occurs in nature and is quite effective in eliminating odors. By generating ozone in a vehicle’s interior the ozone created encounters the odor molecule compounds. The extra oxygen molecule breaks away and attaches itself to the odor compound thus breaking down and eliminating the odor.

A significant reduction in the odor is noticed immediately after the process is performed. In extreme odor cases the process can be repeated and performed for a longer duration.

Please be advised that while a significant reduction of odors is noticed, a 100% elimination of the odor cannot be provided, but in most cases the process is successful. Additional labor may be required to address the source of the odor first in order for the service to be effective for the long-term.

This is a great alternative to costly repairs for water contaminated vehicle interiors, smoke or pet odors, or just a needed “freshen-up.”

Just ask for the service when dropping your vehicle of for a repair or having a vehicle maintenance performed.

Engine Cooling System Service / Flush

$110.00 + coolant

Cooling System Flushing: Why do it and the process involved.
Why cooling system flushes are suggested. A general video overview of cooling system operation and the flushing process:

A short video covering the actual cooling system flush process: