The Program

The Program goal is to provide maintenance that meets the qualifying manufacturer’s requirements for 80% of their vehicles sold in the U.S., with scheduled service at 5,000-mile intervals instead of the standard 3,000.  See Schedule 2, attached, for the Lifetime Preventive Maintenance Club Inspection Mileage Schedule and a description of the inspections performed referred to as Vehicle Visual Inspections (“VVI”) and “Level 1” Preventative Maintenance checks. There will be zero ($0.00) service fees for the VVI Inspections at the scheduled intervals and a Twenty Dollar ($20.00) service fee (plus additional supplies, parts and service) for the Level 1 services at the scheduled intervals.  Additional charges will apply to services at more frequent intervals than the 5,000-mile intervals set out in Schedule 2.

  • Lifetime engine oil change services including oil and filter plus a Twenty Dollars ($20.00) service charge for each Level 1 inspection performed. The Program offering is for a NAPA premium oil filter and up to 5 quarts of standard oil.  Some vehicles require only synthetic oil, specialized oil filters, and more than 5 quarts of oil, which will require additional charges.
  • Lifetime tire rotations every 5,000 miles
  • Lifetime vehicle inspections including up to a 158-point inspection, road test and vehicle computer state-of-health check
  • Lifetime 10% discount on most labor services
  • No Program renewal fees.

No additional work or service is performed on your vehicle without your prior authorization.

The Membership transfers to any replacement eligible vehicle owned by you.  Your new vehicle must qualify for the Program and must replace the vehicle that was originally enrolled in the program.  If your vehicle is transferred to another family member, then another Club Membership must be purchased to keep a service plan from the Company in effect for your prior vehicle.

Program Limitations and Exclusions:

The Program applies to only 1997-model and newer vehicles.

A minimum expenditure of $250.00 in additional services (i.e. in addition to enrollment fee and Level 1 fees) within any 24-month rolling period (2 years) is required for continued membership, otherwise a new enrollment fee with be required to continue.

Exclusions:  The Program expressly excludes “exotic” vehicles, all diesel vehicles, “fleet” or “commercial” vehicles. “Exotic” vehicles will be defined and determined by us in our sole discretion, but generally include  British, German, Italian or luxury vehicles that are limited production vehicles, considered strange or unusual in concept, requiring specialized tooling and may contain design elements that are not seen in normal production vehicles. “Fleet” vehicles include any motor vehicle that is owned or leased by a commercial company that is used in the normal operations and commercial pursuits of the company in rendering services or delivering goods and includes, without limitation taxi and cab vehicles, and other driver owned commercial or fleet vehicles. “Commercial” vehicles are vehicles generally greater than 21 feet in length with a gross vehicle weight over 10,000 pounds and which is not licensed as a recreational vehicle.  The Company reserves the right to change the above definitions and to determine that any given vehicle is or should be classified as an exotic, fleet or commercial vehicle and disqualified for the Program.