Failed Emissions Test

Q – What kind of financial assistance is available?

A – Financial assistance is available up to $600.00 for emission-related repairs performed by a Recognized Repair Facility by Texas DPS. If you and your vehicle qualify a voucher is given to you for up to $600.00. Just let the Service Adviser know at our facility that you have a voucher. We will need a copy of your motor vehicle inspection failure report with the voucher to begin the process.

Q – What are the program restrictions?

A – There are income limits and vehicle restrictions. See “Do I quality?” and “What are the vehicle restrictions?”

Q – Do I qualify?

A – There are income limits, but they are based upon the number of people that reside in the household and your NET annual income (not gross annual income).

Size of household:
Maximum NET (not gross) income per year:
Over 8 add:
$12,960 for each additional member

Income Eligibility 

Q – What are the vehicle restrictions?

A –

  • Your vehicle failed an emission test;
  • Your vehicle has been registered in the program area (Travis / Williamson) for the last 12 consecutive months preceding your application;
  • Your vehicle must pass the safety portion of the motor vehicle inspection; and,
  • The vehicle must be able to drive under its own power to our facility.

Q – Where do I apply for help?

A – A copy of the application should have been given to you with your failure report. If not you can obtain a copy at the link provided. We will also be happy to fax it for you to speed up the process or you can call (800) 913-3321.

Information On How To Apply For A Voucher:

Air Check Texas Program Requirements & Voucher Application:

Q – Can I get a waiver or extension if I do not qualify for the program?

A – The Texas DPS may issue an emissions-testing extension waiver for qualifying vehicles that pass all requirements of the safety inspection. These include extensions for issues ranging from part availability, low annual mileage use, low income vehicle owners or all emission repair options have been performed up to the annual $600.00 requirement and additional work is still required to bring the vehicle within compliance standards.

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