Fleet Services

We have been servicing and repairing many fleet vehicles in the Austin area over the years. Since we are both a certified repair center and exhaust service center, we are a one-stop repair shop to many fleets. We not only provide regular scheduled maintenance and repairs, but have been known to build some unique exhaust systems when called upon. We also offer state inspection services and are a state recognized emission repair facility for the state of Texas. Our clientele has also included providing repair services to local city and state vehicles, such as Capital Metro, Texas Parks &Wildlife, Texas Forest Service, Texas Department of Transportation, LCRA, to name a few.

The following information will provide some basic insight to how we set-up and manage your fleet vehicles. Whether you have only a couple of vehicles or a multitude of them the same process will apply.

We now accept WEX and Voyager Fleet Charge Cards!



All we need is some basic information to set-up your account and the scheduling for each your vehicles. After receiving some initial contact information (see below), one of our Service Advisers will contact you by phone or email for the following information to set-up a Fleet Service Account. At that time when you are ready, we will need the following for each vehicle:

  1. Vehicle Year
  2. Vehicle Make
  3. Vehicle Model
  4. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    (can be found on the insurance card for the vehicle or vehicle door jam)
  5. Vehicle license plate number
  6. Vehicle mileage
  7. When the vehicle was lasted serviced
  8. Any vehicle identifier you may use one for the tracking of your vehicles
  9. A single point of contact to be designated for communication and authorizations

Each vehicle is then put into our system with the information received. A schedule is then tied to that vehicle based upon mileage and the next scheduled service is determined. Your designated contact will be notified, in advance, to allow the vehicle to be released for service. We can also provide pick-up and delivery service.

We not only take out the hassle of keeping your fleet properly maintained we also provide you with access to the service repair orders for each vehicle via the internet. You will be emailed an access code that allows you to look up and download the service records for a particular vehicle, particular repair order, or the entire service history.

We also offer discounts on fleet services based upon number of vehicles. Our Service Manager will be happy to discuss the options available.


If you are interested in having us provide regular scheduled maintenance for your company vehicles or just repairs, please take a moment to fill out the information below. If you desire to have a charge account with us please download the credit application and send it to us and filling out the necessary information. We will contact you with in 10 business days verifying your charge account status.

Fill out this form to set up a Fleet Account:

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

  • Number of Vehicles

  • Number of miles per average per year

Please download a Credit Application Form if you are seeking to have a charge account.  Fill out the necessary information and mail it to:

B&B Muffler and Automotive
Attention:  Fleet  Services
3000 South Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704