Technical Questions:
If you have a question or issue that can not be answered with a phone call to our Service Department,  please fill out your contact information below. You will receive a response in a timely matter by one of our certified professionals.  This feature is made available to provide a method for our customers to take the time, gather their thoughts and pose a question about their automobile.

Please be advised that we cannot diagnose a vehicle fault without seeing the vehicle and performing the necessary tests to isolate the cause of the failure. If you have questions, technical or otherwise, we will make every effort to answer your concern. We have a vast amount of knowledge concerning the care, repairing and maintaining your vehicle. Service is what we provide and service is what we sell. Our objective is to establish a good relationship with our customers for the long term. We seek to empower our customers with knowledge about their vehicle to allow them to make a good decision as to what is best for them.  We can only provide advice and this is another method in doing so.

  • Year, Make, and Model
  • Location: Insurance card, vehicle door edge – driver’s side, driver’s side of dash – can be seen through the windshield) Having this number will allow us to provide more accurate information.
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